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Star Player by Koneco-chan
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Hey my dearies!

Since I am oddly motivated after the con I attended have a Ginny picture! Me being sporty is a rare thing so I guess Quidditch outfits are the next best thing ;)
I LOVE this uniform despite it being rather warm and having to be ajusted every five minutes. It also helps that I adore the wig and my lovely partner in crime YukaFreak
Everything despite boots and pants has been crafted by me (even sweater and quaffle) and it makes me really proud to see my work has gotten such good reactions :3

I hope you enjoy the costume as much as I enjoyed wearing it.
Have a great one and I'll talk to you soon :3

Cosplay made and worn by :iconkoneco-chan:
Photography and editing by :iconrina-hatakeda:
Born to fight by Koneco-chan
Born to fight
Heya! Surprised I am actually keeping my word? Yeah me too XD

So since the new Shadowhunter TV show has me and my friends totally hyped for January and all things Nephilim have another addition to my massively growing list of Cassandra Clare characters that hang in my closet :D

Her moments in City of Heavenly Fire and the relationship with Aline Penhallow really gave me a fascination for this strong half fae, half nephilim lady. It really was awesome to get to kick ass (and get beaten up and bloodied) as this amazing character!

Also always a plus: Building weapons! For this one I built a quick crossbow out of craft foam. Yup entirely craft foam and my good friend hotglue! It was a last minute thing a day or two before the shoot was happening, but I am really happy with howit turned out! The bolts need to be redone but that's fine really.

It was also the first time I created weapon belts for a specific piece of weaponry, which was a fun experience.
The wig was completely straight and I gave it Khaleesi/Galadriel like waves/locks with a shitton of braiding. The braiding alone took me around 3-4 hours I think. Sadly you can't see it too much in this picture, but I am hoping to show the texture to you in a later picture.

Hope you like this one!

Cosplay worn and made by :iconkoneco-chan:

Photography and Editing by :iconrina-hatakeda:

Cosplaypartners and help with shoot, ideas and makeup :icontheyellowpost-it: and :iconmagnusthemagnificent: also general sweethearts just sayin
I am currently on holiday in the lovely city of Paris! There will be updates next week once I am back home ♥
It was time for a new avatar! Hope you guys like it. (It is a preview of another cosplay I did after all hehe)


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Critical Acclaim for Vanessa: “Witty yet demented at times, bound to mke you laugh or give you the desire to bang your head in” - Rina 21 blogger “Smart, insightful, obsessed, crazy, a must have edition for everyone” - her best friend “Who?!” - Stranger on the street “Nice ass!” - another stranger on the street. - :iconrina-hatakeda:

You're a gifted woman, who loves vampires and who can scare Jack Skellington. - :iconphantomhourglass:

Favourite genre of music: Rock, Metal, R´n´B and all other stuff that makes me dream
Favourite photographer: *behindinfinity (he is by far my most favourite cosplayer and photographer ^^)
Favourite style of art: drawings and portraits (but anything else with emotion is fine too ^^)
MP3 player of choice: I would take any that plays videos XD
Wallpaper of choice: something cheerful since I want to smile everytime I start the pc
Favourite cartoon character: hm dunno
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Rotten to the Core
  • Reading: City of Heavenly Fire (I know I'm lagging behind)
  • Watching: Inuyasha / Once Upon a Time
  • Playing: Professor Layton vs. Phoenix Wright
  • Eating: Cereals
As I promised in my previous journal lemme tell you a bit about what has been going on at my end!

Some of you might know that in germany after school there are more options than just college and getting a job immediately. We've got something called apprenticeships for certain jobs. Yeah like those medieval MMO shenanigans.
And I have been looking for one for a long while.
I finished school in 2011 and tried myself in a few part time jobs and went to a college to study to become a librarian for a while. Nothing worked out for me and I lost a lot of the drive I used to have for the things I loved.
Which was basically due to depression.

Now forward to 2014. I met a doctor who took me seriously, received proper medication, which helped me tremendously and finally found an apprenticeship in a job that actually made me really happy!

So for over a year now I have been learning to become a professional chef! It's not what I want to keep doing with my life forever, since it's a really straining physical job, but it makes me happy and completes me on a level I didn't think possible. I'm planning to take it as a base for further education to be able to work in management later on in my life. (You know. Dirty work and all before being able to properly lead a group and workers and idealistic shizzle like that)

Since being a cook is pretty much a full time job having no respect for weekends or holidays (harhar what is that mate?) and it being a physical job I was pretty tired when I got back from my shifts and...well neglected a lot of social media sites in order to kick back and relax with my friends or cosplay work.
And while that made me really happy for a while (as breaks tend to do) lately I have been having a bad consciousness about letting people who were looking forward to my work down. In addition to that I really feel like I want to share more of what I create since I have improved so so much over the past year!

I honestly can hardly believe how much I have grown as a person, cosplayer and generally overall!

As you can probably imagine I created a TON of new costumes and have a lot more plans for the future! Don't worry I will share the pictures of my creations with you in a short while, but for now let me tell you which characters I created last year so you have a lookout to what is in store for the next few weeks.

Cosplays I created! (and that I remembered to put into this list cause let's be real here I am still as forgetful as ever :D)
Artemis Goddess of Hunting and Protector of Maidens
Max Caulfield - Life is Strange
Princess Peach in the gorgeous Final Fantasy X Gunner design by the lovely Skirtzzz
Kagome Higurashi - Inuyasha
Gogo Tomago - Big Hero 6
Nurse Joy - Pokemon
Ami Mizuno - Sailor Moon
Sora - Digimon
Jim Hawkins - Treasure Planet
Snow - The Wolf Among Us

I also started to create commissions for friends such as wigs, costumes and props! I started making plushies and expand on my use of materials for both makeup and cosplay props :D
All in all I think I have come a long way and I plan on improving even more in the future!

Some of the stuff I want to tackle in the next months are fullbody armour, making lace front wigs, improving my plushie skills, making my own prosthetics with latex, get even farther in my wig styling skills and expanding on my commissions!

I also want to maybe start creating tutorials if a project I am making might be able to provide the opportunity to do so and maybe help some others out!
So I hope you're looking forward to the things I have created. If you have a particular costume you'd like to see please tell me in the comment section!

I'll see you soon mah lovelies X3

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